One popular call we get every year here at Northwest Fireplace and Chimney is the conversion from wood to gas. There are great reasons to convert, the first of which is the obvious–a change in fuel to the cleanest-burning fuel available. Gas burns cleanly, creates less soot, no creosote, and is generally low maintenance. You can’t go wrong when converting from wood to gas, and it’s even better if you hire Northwest for the job.

 Wood-to-Gas-Fireplace-Conversions-Valparaiso-IN-Northwest-FireplaceWood to Gas Inserts
The easiest way to convert an old inefficient fireplace to gas is to install a gas insert. An insert is a closed unit, retrofitted directly into the existing fireplace. Depending on the model, the insert can draw air from the room and vent through the existing chimney, or it can draw air and vent air directly outdoors. Inserts should only be installed by a professional in order to be safe for use this winter. People who try and install an insert may measure incorrectly and size the flue incorrectly, leading to a fire hazard or venting problem that can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning and moisture problems that can damage wall coverings, furniture, and more.

Gas Log Sets
If you’re less concerned about heat output and simply looking for the ambiance of a nice crackling fire, you can choose a gas log set. Vent-free log sets are able to be installed anywhere, regardless of a vent. If your existing chimney system is unusable, this is a great option. The only reason some homeowners don’t like this option is due to the color of the flames. Vent-free logs have a blue flame, unrealistic compared to that of a wood fire.
Vented gas logs feature a yellow flame that is more realistic and warm, but needs to be vented. Burning these logs without proper ventilation can lead to dangerous carbon monoxide levels that can be fatal. They have realistic flames, beautiful and detailed ceramic logs, and decent warmth.

Benefits of Gas
When you choose gas, you get a convenience that is unrivaled with other appliances and other fuels. It burns cleanly, has less effect on the environment and the system, you will need less maintenance, less frequent chimney sweeps, and less frequent repairs. This fact alone means you spend less money and have less of a fire risk, but you must hire a professional for installation and services. Gas fireplaces that are installed incorrectly and vented improperly can cause put your home at risk, causing incomplete combustion and more.

If you reside in the Valparaiso area and are a homeowner, property manager, or even run a hotel or bed and breakfast, we can set you up with a gas fireplace that will bring up your value, remove the hassle that comes with wood fires, and we can do it in time for the holidays. When you’re calling on the professionals at Northwest Fireplace and Chimney, you are calling the professionals you can count on.

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