The Unseen Problem

Why You Need a Video Chimney Inspection Image - Valparaiso IN - Soot PatrolThe science of chimney maintenance can be as complicated as fire science! As long as a fire is burning, the chimney is working, and when the chimney works, it gets dirty and worn. It can become damaged.

A damaged or dirty chimney happens behind-the-scenes. The average home owner won’t notice a problem until the damage is so extensive that it’s visible on the outside. This can mean stains, spalling, leaks, and more! This kind of damage is costly to repair. It’s always better to prevent the damage from happening.

The Importance of the Inspection

The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends a chimney inspection to be performed annually to maintain the highest level of safety and efficiency. These important inspections discover problems in the entire chimney system—from the hearth to the chimney cap, and everything in between.

Oftentimes there is a decline in efficiency without the homeowner realizing it points to a bigger problem. Unfortunately a sudden drop in efficiency often means the system is less safe. It’s our goal at Soot Patrol to keep our customers in Northwest Indiana safe and warm, which is why we encourage our customers to follow this standard of preventative care.

Why Choose Northwest Fireplace and Chimney

Soot Patrol offers level 1, 2, and 3 CSIA inspections:

  • A level one inspection is required annually if there are no changes to the system in order to assess all of the readily accessible portions of the chimney system.
  • A level two inspection is required if there have been any changes made to the chimney system, or if the property is sold or ownership is transferred. It includes everything readily accessible, as well as concealed portions.
  • A level three inspection is required when a serious hazard is detected or after a natural occurrence, such as an earthquake or a flue fire. It includes removing components of the system to gain access.

A level two CSIA inspection requires a video inspection in order to gain access to the concealed areas of the chimney. Our technicians to get an up-close look with real-time video at all parts of the chimney flue, otherwise unreachable in standard inspections.  The reports from the video scan provide reliable reports you can count on. This is what your realtor, insurance agency, and appraiser requires, and these reports are to keep for all your legal needs.

When you choose Soot Patrol, you choose the Number 1 chimney sweep company in Northwest Indiana. We have more than 20 years of experience and an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. Our chimney sweeps have extensive experience with video inspections and always offer the highest level of professionalism and courtesy.

Call Northwest Fireplace and Chimney at (219) 413-2349 and schedule your video inspection today. You can also request a quote online for your convenience.