You chimney has just gone through a long winter of abuse–extreme heat on the inside, and wet, freezing temperatures on the outside. Winter damage can occur with even a well-constructed and properly-maintained chimney, so when spring comes around, it needs an inspection and sweep.

By scheduling your annual inspection in the spring, any winter damage is caught and repaired before spring showers begin. The last thing you want is for winter damage to turn into a chimney leak because water wreaks havoc on masonry from the inside out and it will cost more to repair the damage from the leak than for minor repairs and prevention.

What You Can Do

Chimney Waterproofing - Valparaiso IN - Northwest Fireplace and ChimneyRemember your routine maintenance. By the time the average homeowner notices a leak, it has done substantial damage behind the scenes. You should have a professional chimney sweep inspect your chimney annually. The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends sweeps and inspections in order to have the safest and most efficient chimney system possible. It’s at these important appointments that a professional will catch a weakness before it causes a leak that can badly damage your entire chimney system.

Common problem areas for your chimney that allow water into your system is the chimney cap, flashing, and crown. These are easy and inexpensive to repair or replace compared to the amount of damage the water can cause.

What We Can Do

When you hire Northwest Fireplace & Chimney to assess your chimney and prepare it for rainy weather, we will start with the common areas: the cap, flashing, and crown. The cap protects the flue opening from rain, and the crown protects the rest of the top of the chimney, directing water off the chimney and onto the roof. The flashing is the most common cause of chimney leaks because it protects the weakest part of the chimney system–the intersection of the roof and chimney.

Once all three of these things are in good shape, our technician will apply a waterproofing sealant that protects the masonry itself. This specially formulated sealant from ChimneySaver is non-glossy and vapor-permeable, which means it doesn’t change the look of your chimney, but it allows gases and vapors out, and doesn’t allow any water molecules in. This sealant protects your masonry for ten years.

When one of our chimney experts applies this sealant onto your masonry, it will be protected against:

  • Efflorescence & Staining
  • Mildew & Fungus Growth
  • Freeze/Thaw Cycle
  • Spalling/Scaling
  • Cracks & Holes

If you have had your chimney inspected, swept, repaired, and waterproofed this spring, you’ve not only made an investment in your property and prevented future damage, but your system is also ready for burn season. You can enjoy your summer without worrying about your first fire, because your chimney is ready and safe for that first cold night.

Schedule today and be ready for tomorrow. Call Northwest Fireplace & Chimney today at (219) 413-2349 or request a quote online at your convenience.