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Valparaiso, Indiana is a beautiful city adorned with historic homes spanning architectural styles from the humble Bungalow and Prairie designs to the exquisite Gothic Revival and majestic Queen Anne, as well as the timeless appeal of Romanesque architecture. Valparaiso takes pride in its dedication to preserving its rich historical heritage.

However, nestled within this picturesque setting is a challenge: an annual average of 40 inches each of snow and rain. The moisture and harsh weather conditions inevitably wear down chimney masonry, particularly affecting historic structures repeatedly exposed to such elements. Regular use of fireplaces during damp, cold months necessitates yearly cleanings and inspections. These maintenance routines are vital to ensure safe usage and to uphold the integrity of both chimney and fireplace, ensuring they remain in optimal working condition.

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Whether you live in an Arts & Craft bungalow in the Banta district, a North Franklin Street Italianate, new construction on Augustine Drive off East 400 North, or an early 20th Century brick on Wood Street near Valparaiso University, Northwest Fireplace and Chimney is ready and equipped to care for your chimney and fireplace needs. Give us a call at (219) 413-2349 or book an appointment online!