Even if your chimney is in great shape, was constructed with appropriate materials by a certified professional, and hasn’t given you one hint of a problem, one bad winter can wreak Chimney waterproofing service - Valparaiso IN - Northwest fireplace and chimneyhavoc. When it comes to the chimney system—especially masonry ones—water can be a game-changer. Throughout the year we strive to offer preventative services to our customers in and around Valparaiso, Indiana so that during burn season, the chimney is safe and efficient. A safe and efficient chimney means comfortable families and functional value. When we work on your home, we want you to see and feel the Northwest Fireplace and Chimney difference.

Chimney Leak Prevention

As chimney professionals, we often see damage to homes and chimneys that is 100 percent preventable. Not only are chimney leaks preventable, but when they occur, many homeowners contact general contractors instead of chimney professionals. This course of action will fix the damage, but not stop recurrence. It’s our goal to prevent chimney leaks altogether by remembering the three INGs: flashing, capping, and waterproofing.


Flashing is the first thing we check when we get a call for a chimney leak diagnosis. It is often installed incorrectly and leads to frequent leaks during all four seasons. However, during winter, the water damage is even more devastating as water freezes and expands. It’s imperative that the flashing is installed only by a professional and that no nails are visible. If your flashing is covered in ugly tar or you were charged for a sealant or tar product during your flashing installation, let this be a warning sign that your flashing needs some work. When correctly installed, flashing should not need a sealant or waterproofing agent.

Chimney Caps

Chimney caps are the roof that protects your flue opening from direct rainfall. Without the cap, water and animals have direct access to the flue and can damage the system from the inside out. Unfortunately, many historic homes and older homeowners don’t bother with a cap. This can have devastating effects on your chimney and your home because if water can gain access to the chimney, it can also move to other parts of the home, ruining walls, ceilings, floors, and furniture.


Waterproofing services are the only real way to protect your masonry from water damage. We waterproof chimneys with an industrial-grade water-proofing agent that is vapor-permeable. Unlike other products that trap gases and moisture inside the chimney, leading to a whole host of damage on the inside, our water-repellant allows the masonry to breathe while preventing water from entering at the molecular level. Not only is it easy to apply and penetrates deeply into the masonry, but it protects the masonry for up to eight years!

If you reside in Valparaiso, Indiana, you likely know that winters can be harsh, but if you are adequately prepared, it can be the best place to live on earth. We want to help you prepare for winter by waterproofing your chimney. Waterproofing today will prevent serious water damage and costly repairs later. Maintaining your chimney properly will also help it to last longer and require less frequent services.

Let us help you by providing comprehensive chimney care for your home today. You can help us by referring your friends, family, and neighbors in and around Valparaiso to Northwest Fireplace and Chimney.

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