There are many reasons for a chimney rebuild. Your chimney may be badly damaged or it may need some cosmetic updates. Many homeowners work on their chimney and fireplace before a home sale or refinancing because it can boost the property value substantially. Whatever your reasoning, we can help you. We are certified chimney experts, and we are experienced in masonry repairs and rebuilds.

Scheduling Your Rebuild

Chimney Masonry Rebuilds - Valparaiso IN - Northwest Fireplace and ChimneyThe best time to schedule a chimney rebuild is now. Summer is the best time for chimney work because your fireplace is not being used. It’s also a good time because schedules are more flexible for the homeowners and our professionals. If you wait until the fall, you will run into crowded schedules and no guarantee your need repair work will get done before you need your fireplace. Schedule now, and our professionals an rebuild your chimney right now, and you will have a working fireplace when fall arrives.

What to Expect

Depending on the extent of the damage or your preference, you may not need a complete rebuild. When your entire chimney is compromised and there is serious hazard with your current structure, then it is necessary for a complete rebuild. This job is very time consuming, and it requires starting from the ground up with new brick and mortar, both for the interior and exterior portions.

If there is only partial damage, it may be possible to do a partial rebuild or a rebuild of the roof-line up. These types of rebuilds are both cosmetic and preventative. They are less time consuming and will still give you a beautifully restored chimney.

Why Hire a Professional

There is a big push to hire small, shop local, and support your local small businesses. We’re behind this 100 percent, but we do not want our customers and neighbors putting themselves in danger by hiring an inexperienced and untrained amateur for this big job. Instead, hire our professionals to rebuild your chimney. We are trained by the best, and we are also knowledgeable about the local safety and fire codes. We are also a local small business, so support your local small business while getting your chimney repaired.

Let Us Help

At Northwest Fireplace & Chimney, we puts your safety as our first priority. Our certified bricklayers are experienced in a variety of styles and concepts. They can implement a specific pattern or style using traditional brick, colored brick, granite, field stone, river rocks, marble, or limestone. Our experts can perfectly mix mortar to match the tone of the brick of your chimney.

We can have your chimney rebuild completed and ready for fall and the holiday festivities, but you must call right now. Even if you’re still in the design stage of your project or just found out you need a rebuild, call our professionals at 219-413-2349 to get started. We can help you with this process from start to finish. Call today or schedule an appointment online.