According to recent statistics, the chimney system still causes 22,000 residential fires each year. While the exact cause for each individual case may vary, one thing is certain: chimney fires are preventable. According to both the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), regularly cleaned and inspected chimney systems are the safest and most efficient. At Northwest Fireplace and CHimney, we offer chimney inspections and cleanings to keep your chimney safe and efficient for years to come.

Multi-level Inspections

chimney behind tree branchesAt Northwest Fireplace and Chimney, we offer level one, two, and three inspections. When you contact our team, we will ask a few questions to determine what inspection you need so you don’t waste time and money and get the proper care your chimney needs.

  • Level One – If your system hasn’t had any changes in the last 12 months, and you have used it the same as always with no problems, then you only need a level one inspection. This is a simple inspection which requires no specialized tools or access to your chimney. The technician will do a visual inspection of the interior and exterior chimney and report on the overall condition and check for obstruction.
  • Level Two – If you just bought a home or are looking to sell your home, you will need a level two inspection. We also schedule a level two inspection for you if you have a problem with the system. Some of these could be a change to the system or have natural occurrences that might have brought damage to your systems such as a tornado, earthquake, or tropical storm. This inspection is thorough, and we assess the entire system, inside and out, collecting video footage of the interior flue. We also gain access to the chimney through access doors, crawl space, and basement/attic.
  • Level Three – You only need this inspection when a hazard is detected and we need access to repair it. It is the last resort and usually requires minor or major demolition to access the hazard. This may include removing masonry and walls. We need special tools for this work, and this inspection usually ends with needing repairs.

No inspection will move from one level to the next without your approval, but it’s essential to get to the bottom of any chimney hazard before using your system. Our team will communicate clearly with you about your chimney system throughout the process. Our goal is your safety and comfort.

Get it All Done Now!

Don’t wait until the fall to schedule your inspection. Fall is very busy for most chimney companies. By waiting, you will only delay the use of your fireplace. Schedule your inspection with us now and we can work with you throughout the off-season if you need repairs. Take this time to upgrade your system or complete necessary maintenance, and we’ll make sure you’re ready for burn season! Call us at 219-413-2349 or request an appointment online.