How you treat your home will determine how well it works —not just your roof and gutters, but your appliances too. The clothes dryer is a popular household appliance. It’s expensive, and it should last you a decade when cared for properly. However, when it is neglected, your clothes dryer will not work efficiently, and it can also be a hazard for your home and family. It’s important to pay attention to your dryer and give the appropriate care it needs. At Northwest Fireplace and Chimney, we offer dryer vent cleaning to keep your dryer efficient and safe for many years!

Your Dangerous Dryer

fireman at workThere are 2,900 reported clothes dryer fires each year, according to the U.S. Fire Administration. It has resulted in approximately 5 deaths, 100 injuries, and $35 million in property loss. The cause of these fires is one thing: failure to clean the dryer. That means the majority of these clothes dryer fires could have been prevented if enough attention was given to the unit’s performance, use, and maintenance. Don’t become a statistic! Call our professionals to come and check out your clothes dryer today, and prevent dangerous dryer vent buildup tomorrow.

When to Schedule Professional Dryer Vent Services

Your clothes dryer will begin to show signs of a problem way before it actually becomes a problem. When your dryer is performing poorly, it most likely means it is time for a cleaning. Some signs won’t be obvious; some will seem like nothing at all, but most are the result of a dryer vent problem. If you notice any of the following signs, it’s time to call a certified dryer exhaust technician.

  • Your dryer takes more than one cycle to dry a load of clothes.
  • The dryer and clothes are excessively hot during use.
  • The air inside your home is heated when the dryer is in use.
  • There is condensation and/or lint covering the surfaces of your home.
  • There is little to no lint on the lint trap after routine use.
  • Dryer vent was not professionally installed.
  • The dryer vent exceeds 25 feet in length (90-degree angle = 5 feet).
  • Your dryer vent is made up of transitional tubing instead of ducts.

Northwest Fireplace and Chimney Services Dryer Vents

At Northwest Fireplace and Chimney, we take exhaust sciences seriously. A dirty chimney system can put your home and family in danger, and a dirty clothes dryer vent can also put you in danger too. Our goal is the safety of our customers, friends, and neighbors, but we can also save you money.

When you buy a new clothes dryer unit, we know it’s an investment—and one that should last years! If your dryer isn’t working properly, and it’s less than five years old, it likely has clogged vents. You can maintain your clothes dryer properly by emptying your lint trap after each use. You can also clear away lint from the back of the unit by using a long-handled brush to reach inside the dryer.

A hassle free and easy way to maintain your dryer to ensure it’s safe and efficient is scheduling an annual dryer vent cleaning. Schedule with Northwest Indiana’s #1 choice for dryer vent cleanings and comprehensive care by calling 219-413-2349.