Scheduling a fall chimney inspection - Valparaiso IN - Northwest fireplace and chimneyFall has definitely arrived, and much of the US is experiencing unprecedented lows already–many even cranking on the furnaces for burn season. Before you light your fires, make sure your fireplace and chimney are safe. The best way to ensure your system is safe for fires this winter is to have it inspected before use.

Prevention Saves Money

Preventive services can save homeowners time and money, add and maintain value to the property, and prevent serious hazards, injury, and even death. The only way to ensure the chimney system is working safely and efficiently is to have it assessed annually by a professional. Both the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) recommend routine chimney sweeps and annual inspections for the safest and most efficient systems.

CSIA Inspections

CSIA inspections are the industry standard for chimney diagnostics. They are offered in three different levels of thoroughness according to use and need.
Level One – Recommended annually when nothing has changed in the installations or use in the last 12 months. This inspection includes all readily accessible portions of the interior and exterior of the system.
Level Two – Required after changes are made to the system, if there are problems with the system, if it’s sustained possible damage from fires or natural disaster, and before the sale or transfer of property. It includes all that in a level one, as well as accessible portions of the system such as basements and attics. A level two inspections should also include a video scan that allows the professional to give a full and detailed report.
Level Three – Recommended when a hazard is found or suspected and includes all that is evaluated in lesser levels as well as the removal of components to gain access to the hazard. This may include parts of walls or masonry and a level three almost always results in chimney repairs.

Northwest Fireplace & Chimneys Inspects Chimneys in Fall

Many chimney sweep companies do not have time to perform inspections in the fall, due to busy schedules, repairs, and installations. When you call us, we’ll try our best to offer a convenient appointment time and get your chimney inspected before the first fire this fall. When you schedule an inspection with us, you can count on a job well done. We offer proper documentation and a written report for your records. This documentation is what your homeowner’s insurance, realtor, lender, and other professionals will need to validate your work is done properly and according to code. The CSIA signature is the trusted one in the industry, and our customers and neighbors in Northwest Indiana have trusted us for nearly a decade.

You can call us at 219-413-2349 and have your inspection completed in time for fall weather.