It may not seem like a big deal right now, but spring and summer is the best time for chimney maintenance. Clean your chimney now, and you don’t have to worry about it until burn season. You also won’t need another inspection this year and can save money this summer and winter! Don’t believe us? Hear the chimney professionals out for a minute.

A Clean Chimney Saves You Money!

Early Chimney Sweeps - Valparaiso IN - Northwest Fireplace and ChimneyDuring a chimney sweep, your technician will identify any issues or hazards that put your chimney at risk this summer. First, a damaged chimney will allow water or animals inside. Once water enters your chimney system, it can ruin it from the inside out, costing you money in ruined and deteriorated chimney parts, ruined and waterlogged furniture, walls, ceilings, and floors, and man-hours for repairs. Following your chimney sweep’s recommendations, installing appropriate parts, and making necessary repairs will save you money this summer. A damaged chimney or one with missing parts may allow drafts and conditioned air to escape directly up the chimney. This can raise your electricity bill by three times the cost!

A Clean Chimney Saves You Time!

You don’t have to wait around for your chimney appointment this fall when you schedule early. Waiting until “the fall rush” may mean you have no heat when the weather turns cold. It’s the time between October and January that chimney professionals are busy with emergency calls, installations, and repairs. You may not get an appointment on the desired day, or with the technician, or even the company you want if you wait. Schedule one now, and you’ll know it’s ready when you need it. Schedule ahead, and you can get on the books for the fall and worry less about the crowds.

A Clean Chimney is Safe!

After a winter of working for you, your chimney system is filled with soot and creosote that has coated the walls, parts, and floor of your system. Once humidity rises this summer and the moisture mingles with this material, it will become stinky. As you’re trying to enjoy warm weather, family gatherings, and summer holidays, you’ll be run out of the house by the smell coming from your chimney! The smells of a dirty chimney can range from barbecue and smoke to mildew, decomposition, and more. Don’t let your chimney ruin your living room. Make sure it’s clean this spring and summer, and avoid the aggravation of foul odors.

What to Expect

Northwest Fireplace & Chimney cleans chimneys year-round, and we do so with the utmost professionalism and care. Our technicians deliver mess-free chimney sweepings throughout Porter, LaPorte, and Lake counties. We use specialized tools to remove all buildup and debris from inside the system and keep your home clean while we do it.

Don’t wait another minute to call Northwest Fireplace & Chimney today at 219-413-2349 or schedule an appointment online!