August seems to be the start of plans for fall. Many homeowners are buying firewood for their fireplaces, planning weekends off for bonfires, and more. While you’re planning your Halloween costumes and fall and winter budget, make sure you also plan for your fireplace safety. You may not need your fireplace for another month or so, but you need to make sure it’s safe now. Schedule a chimney inspection this August so that chimney in winter covered with snowyou can avoid the Fall Rush and rest assured that your system will be ready for use when you need it.

Avoid the Fall Rush

If you wait until this fall to schedule your non-emergency chimney services, you may not get an appointment at all. The period between October and January is known as the Fall Rush, the busy season for chimney sweep companies. At this time chimney sweeps are busy with installations and repairs and it can be downright impossible to get on the books for any routine or preventative services. Homeowners who are caught during the Fall Rush may be tempted to use an unsafe chimney or fireplace and may even experience more than a few cool nights before they are able to schedule a chimney sweep or inspection. These appointments cannot be ignored, however, and your chimney should not be neglected.

Chimney Inspections for Safety and Efficiency

Whether you’re a new homeowner, looking to sell your current home, or you’ve just been using your fireplace on a regular to intermittent basis all year, it’s important to schedule an inspection. According to professions at both the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), the safest and most efficient chimney systems are those that are inspected and cleaned regularly. Whether you use your fireplace every single day or just every week or so, it needs to be inspected annually. Scheduling during the summer will mean that your system will be ready for a fire in time for cool weather.

What Type of Inspection Should You Schedule?

At Northwest Fireplace and Chimney we perform comprehensive chimney inspections year-round, focusing on hazards and soundness. We offer three levels of inspections in order to meet the needs of every customer in our service area, to ensure safety and efficiency, and fit the budgets and lifestyles of as many homeowners as possible. It is likely that you only need a level one inspection. However, if you have made changes to your system, new installations, if there have been any malfunctions, or if there is some safety concern, you should schedule a level two inspection. A level two inspection is also required in order to sell or transfer a property that has a fireplace and chimney system.

If you’re still not sure what type of inspection your chimney system needs, call the chimney experts at Northwest Fireplace and Chimney today. We can get you on the books and complete your inspection with time to spare. Schedule now so that you have time before fall for necessary repairs, installations, or upgrades to your system.

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