Now is the time that many homeowners are completing home maintenance and spring cleaning while preparing for the end of the school year and making summer plans. While you’re completing your spring To-Do list and mapping out your summer plans and budget, don’t forget your chimney system! After working consistently all winter long, the fireplace and chimney system needs some TLC in order to continue working safely and efficiently, as well as to save you money and frustration this summer and fall. 

Important Routine Maintenance

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommend routine chimney sweeps and annual inspections for the safest and most efficient chimneys. This type of preventative maintenance is like your dental appointments. How often you will need them will depend on how often you schedule the services, and when you neglect it, you end up with a painful problem and a big bill! If you spend the time and money to have your chimney serviced, you will spend a small amount once or twice a year instead of spending large amounts on big repairs. Protect the value of your home by having your chimney swept and inspected this spring or summer.

A Dirty Chimney

Your fire produces soot and creosote all winter, and these materials are deposited inside the chimney flue. If it isn’t cleaned away, it can cause damage and corrosion to the chimney liner over time, drop efficiency during burn season, and result in foul odors from the fireplace and chimney during the off-season. If you’ve noticed a glossy black on the top of your firebox or around the hearth, you have a creosote problem. If your summer is ruined by the stink of a smoker or barbecue grill right in the middle of your living space, don’t look around for a dirty oven or open window! It’s your dirty chimney!

Schedule Services Now

Schedule your chimney sweeps, inspections, and necessary repairs now. Getting these services completed in the off-season has its benefits. Having an inspection or sweep now will protect your chimney system from water damage during a wet spring because any problems that might allow water it will be reported by your chimney sweep. Additionally, using the off-season for chimney services means that the weather is warmer and you aren’t using your system. Waiting until burn season means discontinuing the use of your system for a couple of days for the services to be completed safely. Finally, scheduling now means you’ll miss the “fall rush”, the period between October and January when the chimney sweep companies are busy with installations, repairs, and emergency calls. It can be difficult or impossible to get on the books with a chimney sweep at this time, so it’s important to schedule ahead or have the work done early. 

Don’t just schedule your chimney and fireplace maintenance this summer. Schedule with the CSIA certified chimney sweeps at Northwest Fireplace and Chimney, hardworking, community-oriented, and safety-focused since 2010. We are equipped, experienced, and perform routine maintenance services year-round!

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