After a long winter, your chimney may have taken on masonry damage caused by precipitation and freezing temperatures. If you leave the damages alone, you may find your masonry damage worsen and lead to chimney leaks. A chimney leak can lead to serious damage throughout the whole system, including leaks in your house. At Northwest Fireplace and Chimney, we want to let you know the dangers of delaying masonry repairs and the types of masonry repairs we offer.

Spalling Masonry

masonry chimneyThe very things that make masonry the right material for a chimney are what makes it extremely susceptible to water damage. The materials that make up the masonry are porous and can easily get damages from water. In fact, as the mortar is damaged, it cracks and falls away from the brick entirely, which results in cracks and gaps throughout the structure. This is a serious problem for efficiency and cosmetic beauty, and it also is a safety hazard. Bricks can fall down to the yard below, damage the roof, and anyone who is around.

Timely Masonry Repairs

When you suspect a problem with your masonry, it’s important to schedule a diagnostic inspection with a chimney professional. At Northwest Fireplace and Chimney, we offer chimney inspections to help detect masonry damage in your system. Once you get our report and recommended repairs, it is time to schedule the repairs before more damage occurs. When damaged masonry is not addressed in a timely manner, more water and even animals can enter the system to cause further damages. Masonry repairs should be done as soon as possible.

Crown Repairs

Even a well-constructed chimney crown can become damaged with time, sunlight, and weather. When the crown becomes cracked or damaged, water pools onto it to forms leaks, which allow water penetration into the system. This type of damage can cause cracks and other damage. When you maintain your chimney regularly by hiring a professional, damage to the crown can be caught and addressed earlier. At Northwest Fireplace and Chimney, we use CrownCoat to correct crown damage and restore your masonry crown.

Masonry and Stone Work

Our technicians are certified bricklayers, who specialize in masonry and stone. No matter what type of stone, size of the chimney, or design you want, you can count on the team at Northwest. We know how to properly restore spalling masonry with tuckpointing. We also can rebuild and restore damaged and neglected chimneys so they can be efficient, safe, functional again.

If you reside in the Valparaiso area and have noticed chimney masonry damage, it’s time to call in the professionals. Schedule with Northwest Fireplace and Chimney today!