Now is the time to schedule all your chimney work. There are a few more weeks left of summer, and that is plenty of time to schedule necessary chimney repairs and rebuilds so that your system is ready to go when temperatures drop. Don’t wait! Chimney professionals all over the country will tell you that no matter the climate, summer is the best time for chimney work. Summer doesn’t just offer great weather for outdoor work, but scheduling chimney work during the off-season allows you to get valuable work completed WITHOUT leaving you without fire when it’s cold.

Beat the Fall Rush

sweep carrying ladder on his shoulderThe period between October and January is considered by professionals as the “Fall Rush” when chimney professionals are busy with installations and repairs. During this time, it can be difficult to get an appointment time that is convenient for your household and even impossible to get the chimney sweep company or the specific technician you prefer. Waiting until the fall to schedule repairs and rebuilds can mean using a dangerous system this winter, or not using it at all! We don’t want you to have to choose. We want to help you get your system back to working order now.

Chimney Repairs and Rebuilds

You may have bought a new home with an old, neglected chimney, or maybe you’ve owned your home for a while and it needs work now. Whatever your reason or need is, we are here to help. It’s important that if your chimney has a problem, it is inspected by a certified professional before use. If a certified chimney sweep identifies a hazard and recommends a repair or rebuild, this must be done right away.

Even if you don’t want or need your chimney and fireplace, damaged masonry can lead to water leaks and damage throughout your home as well as heat and air loss that can cost you money year-round. Don’t leave it up to chance, but you should count on the professionals. Schedule your chimney repairs and rebuilds with Northwest Fireplace and Chimney now, and we’ll have your system up and ready for burn season.

Common Masonry Damage and Repairs

At Northwest Fireplace and chimney, we periodically see crown damage and spalling masonry. These are easy to fix as long as they are caught before major damage has occurred and a professional does the job. We repair spalling masonry through a process called tuckpointing, in which the damaged masonry is removed and replaced with new mortar. The mortar must be mixed precisely and bricks laid so that the repair is seamless. If the problem is with your crown, we can fix that too. We repair crown with industrial products that fill gaps and cracks, or we can reconstruct them completely.

Masonry Rebuilds

If the problem is much bigger than a simple repair, we may need to rebuild a portion of your chimney or reconstruct it completely. This is common in old homes in order to restore old chimneys that have been neglected or damaged by foundation failure. Whether the job is big or small, our technicians can work with you to rebuild the chimney of your dreams, bringing your hearth back to life, and bringing value to your property. If your chimney needs repairs, schedule them with us this summer or call Northwest at 219-413-2349 today!