When it comes to chimneys it’s not just your certified professional that can tell when there’s a problem. When Santa slides down the chimney this Christmas, you don’t want him to slide into a mess! The certified chimney sweeps at Soot Patrol have your comprehensive chimney checklist…

The Santa-Approved Chimney Checklist Image - Valpariso IN - Soot PatrolAnd It Happens To Be Santa-Approved!

  1.  Schedule a Chimney Sweep
    The Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommends routine preventative maintenance including regular chimney sweeps. This insures your chimney is safe and efficient for the holidays.
    Santa tip: a clean chimney means Santa doesn’t need to dry clean his suit after Christmas.
  2.  Remember the Annual Inspection
    Another important preventative service is the chimney inspection. When the chimney is inspected a certified chimney sweep checks the chimney system from top to bottom. This is in order to detect problems, no matter how minor.
    Santa tip: when your chimney passes the inspection you can breathe easy knowing it is safe for family and visitors during the holidays.
  3. Decorate Safely
    You can decorate your fireplace and chimney. However, be sure you keep decorations securely fastened to the mantel or hearth and away from the fireplace opening.
    Santa tip: position your tree across the room from your fireplace so that it doesn’t land near the flame if it accidentally falls.
  4.  Control the Heat
    When you host parties and get-togethers in your home this season, the fireplace can be the focal point of the festivities. When extra bodies are in the house, though, the temperature can rise quickly. You can control the flame by using the damper and using your fire poker and shovel to cover some of the flame with ashes.
    Santa tip: you can still enjoy the beauty of a roaring fire by using glass doors that keep the heat in the fireplace instead of releasing it into the room.
  5.  Rooftop Decorations
    You should not decorate the exterior of the chimney. This is for fear of sparks escaping and igniting decorations, causing a house fire.
    Santa tip: there are many realistic and animated-looking roof-top chimney decorations on the market.
  6. Fire Safety
    Make sure that your family and guests all understand the fundamentals of fire safety so that you can all enjoy a cozy and safe fire this season.
    Santa tip: never leave children alone when a fire is burning. You can invest in a fireplace screen that will prevent accidental falls into the fire.
  7. Enjoy
    Let your fireplace and chimney be your holiday backdrop this season. Holiday parties, dinners, and other festivities are made better by a roaring fire. When you have your chimney swept before the holidays, you won’t have to worry about a stinky, smoky, or dirty fireplace.
    Santa tip: the hearth is the perfect backdrop for a family photo, so make sure you invite someone who can take a good picture while the family is together.


Stay Safe This Holiday Season

Your fireplace will most likely be at the center of your holiday festivities, so you should give it the attention it deserves. At Northwest Fireplace and Chimney we know the important role the fireplace can play during the holidays, but it’s our main goal to keep your family safe and warm. Call Soot Patrol today to get started on your Santa-approved checklist. You can also request an appointment online.