Professional Chimney Repair Services

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Chimney & Masonry Repairs in Porter, LaPorte & Lake Counties

At Northwest Fireplace and Chimney, we’re dedicated to maintaining the structural integrity and aesthetics of chimneys and fireplaces across Porter, LaPorte, and Lake counties. Our certified bricklayers boast years of experience, ensuring top-quality masonry repairs and stonework for projects of all sizes. Whether you’re envisioning a dream hearth or need restoration for existing masonry, you can count on us. 

Our Chimney and Masonry Repair Specialties

Chimney Crown Repair

Protect your chimney against water damage with our expert crown repair service. Even well-built crowns can deteriorate over time due to extreme weather conditions. Our industry-specific products and techniques ensure durable solutions, safeguarding your chimney for years to come.

Masonry & Stonework

Restore the beauty and functionality of your chimney and hearth with our masonry and stonework expertise. Whether it’s brick, stone, or mortar replacement, our skilled team guarantees professional results that stand the test of time.


Tuckpointing, also known as repointing, involves the restoration of masonry by replacing deteriorating mortar with new mortar. If you’ve noticed holes, cracks, or deterioration in the mortar binding your bricks together, our team can address these issues through expert tuckpointing techniques to preserve the structural integrity of your chimney.

Chimney & Fireplace Rebuild

Are you tired of your chimney and fireplace being out of commission due to age, damage, or safety concerns? At Northwest Fireplace and Chimney, we specialize in chimney and fireplace rebuilds, offering solutions that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also durable and safe. We’ll bring your vision to life with expert craftsmanship and a focus on functionality and longevity.

Your Local Chimney & Fireplace Professionals

From crown repair to rebuilds, our certified bricklayers handle all aspects of masonry repair and restoration. You can trust us to enhance the beauty and durability of your chimney system.