The chimney system is made up of many parts—some are built along with the system (flue, firebox, smoke chamber), others are added components (chimney cap, flashing). Every single part of the chimney system is essential no matter when it was built or what brand of parts are used. The flashing is one of the most important parts of the system because provides important protection against water damage. Unfortunately, many supposed professionals install flashing incorrectly and many homeowners overlook the flashing completely.


Importance of Flashingorange roof with chimney and flashing

Without flashing installed at the intersection of the roof and chimney, water has a direct entrance into the home when it rains or snows. Because of the materials that make up your masonry chimney, it also makes it susceptible to water damage. If water is allowed into your chimney system it can result in stains, rust, deterioration, settlement, spalling, and more. Not only will the water damage the masonry itself, but will also contribute to a number of other problems. These problems include corrosion inside the flue, the air quality inside the home, and damage to walls, floors, and furniture.

The water may have entered from the chimney but will run inside walls and floors until it reaches the lowest point where it will pool and form a leak. This means if you have a leak in your house and your house has a chimney, your first call should be to the chimney sweep! When you call us, the first thing we’ll check is the flashing.


Flashing Problems and Their Cause

The most common cause of a chimney leak is faulty flashing. Either it is installed improperly or time and weather have caused it to shift and dislodge. It’s important that flashing should only be installed or repaired by a professional with training and experience to do so. Flashing is made up of thin layers of metal, meticulously laid specific to the roofing slant and materials. A certified professional will lay quality flashing in the appropriate places according to industry standards. Once the flashing is installed, there should be no gaps or exposed nails. The flashing should require no roofing tar or sealant, and should adequately protect against water as soon as the job is complete.


Flashing Diagnostics and Repairs

When your chimney’s flashing is damaged, the professionals at Northwest Fireplace and Chimney can repair it with no problem. We protect chimneys using quality flashing, provide extra protection with FlashSeal, and protect the masonry itself by using ChimneySaver elastomeric waterproofing agent. Don’t leave your safety and your chimney up to chance. Leave it up to the professionals. All of our chimney solutions at Northwest Fireplace and Chimney maintain the beauty of your chimney. Our FlashSeal comes in white, black, and brown to best match your chimney and your home.

Does your flashing need some attention? Are you worried about a chimney leak? Call us at 219-413-2349 today. We’ll fix your flashing.