Chimney caps don’t just make your roof look good. It doesn’t just compliment your chimney’s shape and give it a clean and beautiful look. Your chimney cap, along with all the other parts of your chimney system, is very important for proper and safe function. When the cap is missing it can lead to serious damage and danger. When it isn’t installed by a professional, the cap can become dislodged and lead to weather and wildlife getting into the flue opening. Avoid unnecessary costs and headaches later by preventing the problem today. Make sure your chimney is capped.

Caps Keep Weather OutChimney caps keep animals and debris out and sparks in

Not only does your cap work as a roof for your flue opening, keeping water out, but it also works as a windshield. When your chimney is capped, you will experience fewer wind gusts in the chimney. The cap also prevents snow, ice, and rain waters from falling directly into the flue. This is important for the efficiency and safety of your chimney, as well as helping it to last a lifetime. Nothing can damage masonry like water, and when your chimney doesn’t have a cap, it sits wide open for water to enter year-round. Water damage can lead to deterioration of the masonry and chimney components, staining of home and masonry, damage to home furnishings and structure, and even mildew and mold that affects the breathable air. Water penetration during the winter season can cause even more damage due to the freeze/thaw cycle. When temperatures drop, the water freezes, breaking apart the masonry, and then thaws out again when temperatures rise. The water runs further into damaged portions of masonry, only to repeat the process. After a long winter, your chimney may have serious damage caused by a simple problem–no cap.

Caps Keep Wildlife Out

Anything that can get onto your roof can get into your chimney if it doesn’t have a cap. Small animals and birds come into chimney flues this time of year to seek shelter and to nest for spring. Some of these animals may leave on their own and others may suffocate in the chimney system and die, resulting in a serious obstruction. Even when animals leave on their own, though, they often leave scratches and damage on the liner and debris in the system that is flammable or obstructs airflow. If you suspect an animal in your system, call a professional for safe and humane removal. When you call Northwest Fireplace and Chimney, we can let you know if there is any suspected damage or debris left behind. We can also prevent a recurrence by installing a chimney cap.

Water penetration and animal intrusion are two chimney problems that are 100 percent preventable. We can help by installing a chimney cap.

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