The most popular choice of fireplaces right now is the gas fireplace. Gas fireplace products are affordable, easily installed, environmentally friendly, and convenient. There is still time to have your gas fireplace installed before the holidays. When you choose gas, you have many installation options, because some models don’t require a chimney—some don’t require a vent of any kind! When you choose gas, you can choose the model that fits your need, complements your home and personality, and works best with your space.

Benefits of Choosing Gas

Fall Chimney Inspections - Valparaiso IN - Northwest FireplaceGas is the most efficient fuel. It burns cleanly, creating less greenhouse gases and only minimal amounts of soot. You don’t have to worry about creosote when you burn gas, so you will need less frequent chimney sweeps. Gas appliances are easy to light, usually equipped with an on/off switch or button. They’re also easy to control with a dial or even a remote control. This is beneficial during holiday get-togethers when the house is crowded and temperatures rise. You won’t have to worry about sitting in front of a fireplace trying to blow hot coals to light your kindling, and you don’t have to let a hot fire die down because it’s too hot.

Operating Your Gas Fireplace

With any manufactured hearth products, it’s important to follow the manufacturer’s installation guidelines. You should have these products installed by an experienced professional so that they are installed correctly and within safety codes.

  • Have it professionally installed
  • Follow manufacturer and professional instructions
  • Schedule routine maintenance, including chimney sweeps and inspections
  • Install carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms on each level of your home
  • Keep decorations and household items away from the fireplace
  • Utilize safety screens or gates to prevent accidental burns
  • Never burn combustibles or trash in your gas fireplace

Safety Tips to Teach the Family

It’s not just the person who operates the fireplace that should practice fireplace safety. Make sure that your family and holiday guests are aware of fireplace rules in your household. Teach children to stay away from the fireplace and to treat fire as what it is—dangerous. Maintain fireplace rules even when the fire is out so that children stay away from it all of the time.

Troubleshooting Your Gas Fireplace

If you’re having trouble with your gas fireplace, there may be an easy solution. Most owner’s manuals will include troubleshooting sections that can help you get your fireplace working again. Do not attempt to manipulate your appliance or make a repair yourself. In most cases, you will void your warranty by working on your gas fireplace. If your fireplace won’t light, and you’ve gone through the troubleshooting section of the manual, call a professional. Northwest Fireplace and Chimney not only sells and installs gas hearth products but also services them. We can answer your questions about your gas logs, inserts, or stoves, and get your fire going again in no time.

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