Spring is the time of year that water damage is seems to be the most prominent. Because much of the chimney system is hidden, a homeowner might not notice a leak until it has lasted awhile. In fact, by the time visible signs of a chimney leak are apparent, there is likely substantial damage already. Where there is chimney water damages, there is also potential dangers present.

Your Chimney and You

rain on a windowYour chimney affects the air in your home. While the fire is burning, the chimney vents smoke and gases up the flue. This function is made possible by air pressures inside and outside the home, as they both work together to create a draft that carries the smoke up the chimney. This draft is not present when the fire is not in use.

At this time, the air pressure outside the house might push air from the chimney into your house. This is sometimes noticed by homeowners when a warm or cold draft comes in from their fireplace. It is also noticed when odors are pushed into your home from the fireplace. It’s very hard to notice when mold or mildew enters the home from the fireplace, as they are invisible but quite harmful. If you have mold or mildew in your fireplace, it is also in the air you breathe every day. This is very harmful to the air inside your home.

Signs of Chimney Leaks

The best way to catch a chimney leak is to be vigilant, especially during the wettest times of the year. Catching a leak when it is a minor problem can prevent major issues down the road. If you’ve noticed a change in the performance of your fireplace or other obvious signs for danger, you should call a professional to come take a look right away. We want to share with you some other signs of a leaky chimney.

  • Dripping (either seen or unseen)
  • Discolored bricks (darker portions)
  • Efflorescence (white, powdery stain on exterior masonry)
  • Rust stains on the top of the chimney exterior
  • Leaks near the chimney or in other areas of the house

Chimney Water Damage

It’s important to catch chimney leaks and get them repaired swiftly to avoid costly damage down the road. Chimney leaks can cause minor damage such as rusted parts to major damage such as spalling masonry and settling or tilting chimney.

Prevent Water Damage with Northwest Fireplace and Chimney

At Northwest, we don’t just diagnose and repair leaky chimneys, we work hard to prevent leaky chimneys! Call us for your leaky chimney, and we will repair the flashing, crown, or cap if necessary. We can even waterproof your masonry for good measure. While some companies might repair the damage, we will correct the problem and prevent future recurrence too, call Northwest at 219-413-2349 today!