In most of the country, we’ve experienced a strange winter and even stranger spring. Many regions are still experiencing snow and freezing temperatures, so homeowners in our area of Northwest Indiana are still burning fires. Despite what the calendar says, you should still prepare your fireplace for spring. Schedule your inspection now so we can repair your masonry as soon as possible.

Avoid Water Damage

Damaged masonry allows water to deteriorate your chimney during the rainy spring! Water damages the chimney system from the inside out.

Masonry Repairs - Valparaiso IN - Northwest Fireplace and ChimneyWater can cause:
-Stained home interior, masonry interior and exterior
-Damaged furniture, home interior, walls, floors, and ceilings
-Rusted parts, assemblies, doors, and hinges
-Deteriorated central heating system, firebox assemblies
-Cracked and damaged chimney liner
-Structural damage to the chimney and hearth
-Mold growth and odors

While water can cause the most damage to the chimney system, it is also 100 percent preventable. You can prevent water damage by making sure your cap, flashing, and crown is intact. Masonry repairs in a timely manner helps prevent water damage. Once the masonry is repaired, it can be waterproofed with an industrial water-repellent.

Prevent Extra Costs

When you repair minor masonry damage now, you prevent major damage later, that will cost more time and money. At Northwest Fireplace & Chimney, we see masonry damage this time of year that can be repaired quickly, and save a huge headache later.

Tuckpointing – We can repair cracked and crumbling masonry through a process called tuckpointing. If you notice your masonry is loosening, fine cracks are bordering your bricks, and pieces of mortar are falling, it is a good idea to get a professional involved. Our trained and experienced masons can repair spalling masonry by removing the affected bricks and mortar, and replacing it with new bricks and mortar of equal consistency, strength, and color.

Bricklaying and Stonework – When major masonry damage has occurred through the winter, it’s necessary to have partial or full rebuilds and major repairs. Since 2012, our team has designed and completed patterned stonework. We guarantee you’ll love your beautiful finished product. Our master bricklayers can also repair minor damage, replacing stained and broken bricks.

Schedule Repairs Now

By scheduling your repairs in the spring, you can have your chimney back to full function for the tail-end of cool weather and burn season. When your chimney is in good shape, you don’t have to worry about water damage during the wet season. Waiting for necessary repairs can result in even more damage and added costs. Don’t wait! Schedule now by calling Northwest Fireplace and Chimney at (219) 413-2349!