Your chimney is built to last, but even when it’s built to perfection, it will not last if it’s not properly maintained. A common issue our Northwest Fireplace and Chimney technicians see are chimney leaks. This time of year they’re quite common. The first thing we check when we get a call on a chimney leak is the flashing.

What is Flashing?

Check Your Chimney Flashing Strength - Valparaiso IN - NW FireplaceOne of the chimney’s first defenses against chimney leaks and water damage is the flashing. The flashing is made up of multiple thin layers of metal placed strategically to shed water off the roof. This protective barrier keeps water from penetrating the system at its weakest point, the intersection of the roof and chimney.

Flashing Installation

Not just anyone can install flashing–though many think they can. In reality, installing flashing is a meticulous process of placing the sheets of metal in order to shed the water off of the roof and prevent standing water from affecting the roof and chimney. Once flashing is placed, there shouldn’t be any visible nails or a need to place tar or sealant over the flashing. A professional knows that flashing needs to be able to withstand wind, weather, animal tampering, and be placed according to the roofing material as well as the slope of the roof.

Flashing Problems

At Northwest Fireplace and Chimney, we check the flashing first when there is a chimney leak. This is because we know that the most common cause of a leak is flashing, and the most common cause of a flashing problem is incorrect installation. A homeowner can buy a roll of flashing at a home depot store, and may be able to nail it down to look okay, but it won’t work well. The danger of an inefficient chimney, possible fire, and even falling off a roof should be enough to deter this D-I-Y woke.

Only a professional knows exactly where to place flashing so that it serves as an effective barrier against water. It should allow water to flow off. If it’s installed incorrectly, it can actually direct water into the system, wreaking havoc on the interior parts of the chimney.

Ideally, a professional installs the flashing. It’s strength will withstand the strongest winds, the heaviest rain and snowfall, and even withstand ice. Animals shouldn’t be able to tamper with it, and even the homeowner shouldn’t be able to mess it up. A professional installation should mean that the flashing is intact, correctly placed, and strong enough to stay in place for one year in between inspections.

Professional Flashing Installation

Northwest Fireplace and Chimney technicians have training and experience installing, repairing, and replacing flashing. We can assess the system from top to bottom and make a change even if the flashing has a minor issue. When it comes to water and your chimney, a minor issue can become a major issue in a short time.

Let Northwest Fireplace and Chimney fix your flashing before the rainy spring weather.

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