Are a new homeowner with an old house? Perhaps you’re just tired of not being able to use your fireplace? If either are the case, you could probably use a fireplace or chimney rebuild! As the holidays approach, more and more homeowners are thinking about fireplaces. Secondary to the look of your fireplace is the concern of safety. If a professional chimney sweep told you that your chimney needs a rebuild, you need to listen! You should get this completed before winter, if you plan to use your fireplace. Using an unsafe chimney puts your family’s health at risk, increases risk of fire, and can even damage the structure of your home.

When Does Your Chimney Needs Rebuilding - Valparaiso IN - Northwest Signs You Might Need a Rebuild

  • As Reported By Your Trusty Chimney Professional
    Most homeowners don’t know how to check a chimney for soundness, water damage, or weaknesses. This is why a chimney sweep should see the chimney regularly for sweeps and inspections. If your chimney sweep reported a severe problem and indicated the need for a rebuild, this should be taken seriously!
  • A Leaning Chimney
    When the entire chimney leans one way or the other, it means the base of the chimney is no longer stable. The weight of the chimney against your home can cause structural damage. Bricks and mortar can begin falling, and it’s more likely to leak as it pulls away from the house.
  • Extensive Unit Deterioration
    Do to years of neglect, water exposure, or natural disasters (tornadoes, earthquakes, etc.) – your chimney system may be left beyond repair. When the chimney is irreparable in this way, the cost of repairs is near or more than a total rebuild! In these cases, it is best to have the chimney and fireplace rebuilt to current standards.

The Rebuild

Our technicians at Northwest Fireplace and Chimney are expert bricklayers. Together, our team has completed traditional, contemporary, minimalistic, and even unique and customized chimneys. We work with standard and colored brick. In addition, we also provide beautiful stonework when requested – including granite, field-stone, river rock, marble, and limestone! Since we work with the customer from start to finish, we can help you find the design to fit the space you need. You can choose the pattern of bricklaying and stonework, no matter the size or design. We enjoy making our customers happy with their finished product.

While we want our customers to have their dream fireplace, we strive to put safety first, always. This means that if you need a chimney rebuild, you need to get started now! Waiting until winter can complicate your schedule and your heat. Also, snow and rain may cause leaks and water damage in your home, if a damaged chimney isn’t repaired right away. Not to mention the serious damage that a leaning chimney can do!

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Ask Northwest Fireplace and Chimney about your chimney or fireplace rebuild now, and rest assured knowing it’s ready for burn season! Call today at (219) 413-2349 or request an appointment online.