As winter slowly turns to spring, you’re going to be needing your chimney cap. It’s an extremely important part of the chimney system that’s made of many parts all working together to keep the chimney lasting and working properly. The chimney cap is essential for a few reasons, especially in spring. When there’s a problem with the cap, there’s a problem with the chimney.

The Cap Keeps Water Out

The Function of a Chimney Cap - Valparaiso IN - Northwest FireplacePerhaps the most important job of the chimney cap is to keep water out of the chimney system. When water is allowed into the open flue, it can cause extreme damage to your masonry, including:

  • Rusted parts, assemblies, accessories, rust-stained masonry, and more
  • Deteriorated firebox assemblies, heating system, flue lining system, and more
  • Water-damaged floors, ceilings, and walls, moisture damage, odors, and property loss
  • Chimney spalling, settlement, shifting, or collapse

Chimney water damage is a big deal, and the chimney cap is the first defense against water entering the chimney flue. Caps are designed for water to flow off of the cap and away from the flue opening. Many even have wind deflectors for added protection.

The Cap Keeps Animals Out

If a critter can get onto your roof, then it can get into your chimney — especially in spring. Raccoons, squirrels, and even chipmunks have been known to inhabit an exposed chimney. These animals bring with them flammable materials for bedding and nesting, droppings that become stinky and may release toxins. These droppings have also been known to block the flue completely. If these animals are able to escape the chimney at all, they do so by using claws and teeth, leaving behind marks that seem harmless, but NO damage to the system is harmless. Chimney caps will keep even the smallest critters out of your chimney, including birds. Chimney swifts are migratory birds that specifically look for chimneys each spring. They are federally protected, and if chimney swifts gain access to your chimney, you won’t be able to use your chimney until they leave. Not only will your hands be tied, but so will ours. Professional chimney sweeps are not able to remove these federally protected birds from your flue. The best way to prevent access is to install a chimney cap now and stop them before they arrive.

The Cap Keeps Fire In

The chimney cap is important for keeping weather and animals out, but it is also the last defense for an unruly fire. If your flame is so hot that sparks and the ignited material are floating up the flue, the spark guard on the cap will prevent them from leaving the chimney. You won’t have to worry about sparks igniting debris on your roof or dry shrubs and grasses in your yard. It’s hard to tell just how many fires have been prevented by spark guards over the years, but they are now the standard for a reason.

It’s our goal at Northwest Fireplace and Chimney to keep our customers in and around Porter, LaPorte, and Lake County, Indiana safe and comfortable. That starts with protecting the chimney from the top, down. We install new chimney caps year-round, and we have a chimney cap for your chimney.

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