Fall is the time of year when families begin to think of holidays. Fireplaces are so popular at this time of year that television providers actually dedicate a whole channel to the holiday fire. Get the most out of your fireplace by making sure it’s safe and efficient before the holidays!

Routine Maintenance

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) alone with the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) recommend routine maintenance for the safest and efficient chimney system. Northwest Fireplace and Chimney offers chimney maintenance and repairs year round in order to best serve the communities we live and work.

Chimney Inspections

Fall Chimney Inspections - Valparaiso IN - Northwest FireplaceIn addition to chimney sweeps in which a chimney expert cleans away soot, creosote, ashes, and other debris from the chimney system, chimney inspections are recommended before burn season.
There are three levels to a chimney inspection:

Level 1 – This inspection is recommended annually when nothing has changed about the system, and the homeowner intends to use it in the same way in the future. The technician will assess everything readily accessible and won’t require the use of any special tools.
Level 2 – This inspection is required following a change in the system (installation, repair), a natural disaster that affects the system (tornado, fire, hurricane), and when the property is sold or transferred. This inspection includes everything in a level 1 in addition to an assessment of hidden spaces, including chimney access in attics and crawlspaces.
Level 3 – When a level 1 or 2 inspection identifies a hazard, a level 3 inspection is required. During this inspection, the technician may use special tools to remove components of the building or chimney to access hazards.

The Importance of the Inspection

The average homeowner will not notice a problem with the chimney. In fact, by the time most homeowners notice the first sign of a chimney leak, there is extensive damage behind the scenes. Scheduling a fall chimney inspection ensures homeowners that the chimney is not only safe for use, but is also in good condition that contributes to efficiency. A chimney in good working condition will burn less wood to reach the same temperature. It means less fire risk and less smoke, particles, and gases being released into the atmosphere.

Scheduling annual chimney inspections means that weaknesses and hazards are caught before real damage can occur.

Schedule Now

When you schedule a fall chimney inspection, you allow yourself and your trusted chimney expert time to make necessary repairs before cold weather hits. Don’t wait until your chimney sweep is too busy with the fall rush. Don’t put off chimney maintenance until it’s too late. You might need a repair and you’ll be left out in the cold until the repair is complete. Hire Northwest Fireplace and Chimney for all of your comprehensive chimney needs, and you can rest assured that your chimney is ready for winter, your fireplace is ready for guests and gatherings, and your home is safe.

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