Summer is nearing its end and that means it’s time to think about your winter heat. Homeowners who depend on wood for their fire heat may be stressing about properly seasoned firewood and whether or not they have some. If you struggle each year to maintain enough seasoned firewood for your fireplace, want to avoid buying firewood this year, or avoid the hassle of a wood fireplace, you can convert to gas–there’s still time!Converting Wood Fireplace to Gas - Valparaiso IN - Northwest Fireplace & Chimney

Gas V. Wood

When you choose gas for your new fireplace, you get multiple benefits right away. You don’t need to cut, store, haul, or light wood. A gas fireplace has easy on/off capabilities as well as temperature control, so you won’t be run out of the house when your fire gets too hot. Gas fireplaces are easy to extinguish and cool off quicker than wood fireplaces. This, along with the other many capabilities of gas fireplaces make them safer than wood fireplaces. They are also more convenient for burning with a gathered group that may generate heat and children may be less supervised.

There are many ways that gas fireplaces are more convenient, but that’s not the only reason to convert to gas. Gas-burning appliances are better for the environment than wood. They require less fuel to reach the desired temperature and emit fewer greenhouse gases in the process. Environmentally-conscious homeowners may convert to gas in order to have less of impact on the environment and use less of their personal wood resource. When you burn gas, there is almost no waste–even the heat is all used up in these high-efficiency gas fireplaces on the market today.

Conversion Process

The most common way to convert a wood fireplace to gas is by installing a gas burning insert. This is a closed unit that is retro-fitted directly into the existing fireplace, creating a seamless look that goes with your existing masonry, whether traditional or contemporary. Inserts come in a variety of styles that can upgrade the look of your hearth, transform it completely, or compliment what was already there.

It’s important to call a chimney professional when converting from wood to gas in order for the right insert to be ordered. Measuring space incorrectly is a common mistake when homeowners try to DIY this conversion or hire amateurs. The insert must fit exactly. Too much space can be a fire hazard, and not enough space will be impossible to install. Retail stores are filled with returns that were incorrectly measured, purchased online, and sold before they were even installed. Start with a professional, and you will have the right appliance, the right size, and the right model to meet your needs.

Northwest Fireplace & Chimney Converts Wood to Gas

When you choose Northwest Fireplace & Chimney for your wood-to-gas conversion, you also get the expertise of our group of chimney sweeps, trained and experienced in the comprehensive fireplace and chimney care.

Call 219-413-2349 now to get started on your conversion. When you schedule now, your gas fireplace will be ready to go when the weather turns cool this fall.