Proactively Protect Your Chimney With Chimney Waterproofing

Water is the most destructive element your chimney will face. Not only can it cause masonry damage like cracks, holes, scaling, and spalling brick, but it can also eat away at the metal parts of your chimney system, like your liner and firebox. Although there are several key components designed to keep water out of your chimney– like your chimney crown or chase cover, flashing, and chimney cap – they do not work to protect and safeguard your masonry against the attack of water. But we can help.

Here at Northwest Fireplace and Chimney , our trained masons work to keep the masonry chimneys of our neighbors in Porter, LaPorte, and Lake counties beautiful and durable by providing professional chimney waterproofing services. We use products from ChimneySaver, “The Leader In Chimney Protection,” which carry extended warranties and are time tested and proven to offer superior protection.

ChimneySaver’s water repellents are available in water-based and solvent-based formulas, and are designed to prevent moisture from entering the masonry of the chimney. When you have a ChimneySaver water repellent applied to your masonry, you can expect protection against the following:

  • Efflorescence & Staining
  • Mildew & Fungus Growth
  • Freeze/Thaw Cycle
  • Spalling/Scaling
  • Cracks & Holes

These amazing products can be swiftly applied for a non-glossy look and 10 years of 100% vapor-permeable protection. What this means is that moisture produced by the fire you enjoy in your fireplace and moisture already inside of the brick will be able to effectively escape, but water molecules (which are larger) will not be able to enter the masonry after the ChimneySaver product is applied. This is a major difference between ChimneySaver and competitor products, which are not vapor-permeable and actually trap water vapor inside of the masonry where it can cause extensive damage and deterioration. Unfortunately, many of these products can actually leave your masonry in even worse condition.

Invest In A Product That Works

If you’re looking for ways to protect your masonry chimney, look no further than ChimneySaver. Join the growing number of homeowners and industry professionals who have trusted and relied on these amazing products for more than two decades! Call Northwest Fireplace and Chimney at 219-413-2349 to learn more or request an appointment to have your masonry professionally waterproofed today!


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