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Is Your Flashing To Blame For Your Chimney Leak?

Most homeowners don’t spend much time thinking about the metal flashing surrounding their chimney where it exits the roof – they just expect it to do its job of keeping water out of the home. And when properly installed and maintained – it should! But when flashing fails and water starts making its way into your chimney and home, you can quickly have a nightmare on your hands.

Those of us here at Northwest Fireplace and Chimney can make sure your flashing is working properly – and if it’s not, we can make the necessary repairs swiftly and at a fair price.

Why Did My Flashing Fail?

One of the biggest questions homeowners ask when it’s discovered that their flashing has failed is, “Why?” Unfortunately, we oftentimes find that flashing fails as a result of poor installation techniques and methods, low-quality materials, water damage, or weather/animals.

  • Poor Installation Techniques & Methods – Proper flashing installation requires extensive knowledge of proper layering techniques, minimal nail holes, and a commitment to high-quality, effective results. Unfortunately, not all flashing “professionals” have the experience, knowledge, and commitment to excellence to get the job done right. As a result, there may be gaps in the flashing or water may pool and gather around nail holes and wear away at the metal itself.
  • Low-Quality Materials – The flashing of your chimney will inevitably battle moisture on a regular basis. If the metal used is low-quality, it won’t take long for moisture to eat away at the flashing and render it ineffective at keeping moisture out.
  • Water Damage – Rain, snow, and sleet can settle on the flashing and lead to rust and corrosion. If the flashing was not installed in a flat and smooth arrangement, contains dents, or makes use of multiple nail holes, water can wear away at the flashing even faster and make its way into the home.
  • Weather/Animals – Strong winds and hail can cause damage to flashing by denting it or pulling pieces up and away from the place of installation. Animals may also tamper with flashing, creating gaps and dents, both of which can cause leaks.

Beautiful & Effective Flashing Repairs With FlashSeal

If your flashing has developed holes or could use repair and extra protection against water intrusion, FlashSeal may be just what you need. This elastomeric product from ChimneySaver, the “Leader in Chimney Protection”, provides a waterproof membrane and a flexible seal. This product works great on chimneys whose flashing has been tarred over (which is typically ineffective and unsightly), and can provide superior protection and a smoother, more seamless and attractive finish. FlashSeal is available in white, black, and brown, so whatever the color of your shingles or chimney, there’s a FlashSeal option that is sure to beautifully fit your home’s aesthetic.

Put your chimney leak to rest and protect yourself against future leaks – request an appointment to have FlashSeal applied to your flashing today. Call us at 219-413-2349!


The source of your leaky chimney could be a chimney cap that needs replacing. Call our experts to get it done!

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