We Stop Chimney Leaks In Their Tracks

If you’ve been dealing with a chimney leak, we don’t have to tell you that a chimney leak can cause extensive damage to your property and leave you frustrated and forking over your hard-earned money for repairs. You just want it taken care of before it can do any more damage – and we’re here to help. Is a chimney leak robbing you of your peace of mind and hard-earned money? Put a stop to it for good with Northwest Fireplace and Chimney!

We take chimney leak troubleshooting seriously and work diligently to pinpoint water entry points and provide fast and effective leak resolution services and repairs. Our technicians have extensive industry experience and know which areas of the chimney are most vulnerable to leaks. These are the areas we’ll check first. Once we identify the culprit, we’ll get right to work on fixing the problem and make recommendations on how to prevent future chimney leaks. Our most common leak repair and prevention services include these:

  • Chimney Flashing Repairs – The flashing that protects your chimney where it leaves the roof is only as good as the materials and the installation techniques used. Unfortunately, not every flashing job out there is professionally completed with durability in mind. If your flashing is to blame for your chimney leak, we can help.
  • Chimney Cap – Chimney caps play a vital role in keeping chimneys dry and free of rain, snow, and sleet. Is your chimney properly adorned with a quality, well-fitted cap? If not, it’s time to have one installed!
  • Chimney Waterproofing – Masonry can also be to blame for chimney leaks. But did you know you can have your masonry professionally waterproofed without altering its functionality or appearance? We specialize in chimney waterproofing and can make sure your chimney is protected against chimney leaks for years to come.

Whatever is to blame for your chimney leak, you can trust the team at Northwest Fireplace and Chimney to find it fast and offer a long-lasting and affordable solution!

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Our complete chimney services include professional chimney sweeping to help keep your fireplace or stove system safe and efficient.

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