Expert Chimney Services

For a Safer, Cozier Home


in Porter, LaPorte, and Lake County Indiana

Our dedicated team is committed to ensuring your chimney and fireplace are not only beautiful but also safe and efficient. With years of experience and a focus on customer satisfaction, we offer comprehensive solutions designed to keep your home cozy and secure throughout the year.

Professional Chimney Sweeping

Soot, creosote, and other residues can pose serious risks to your chimney’s efficiency and safety. Our chimney sweeping services ensure that these deposits are removed, preventing issues like reduced airflow, chimney fires, and damage to the liner and damper.

Skilled Masonry Repairs

Whether your chimney needs a simple repair or a complete rebuild, Northwest Fireplace and Chimney has the expertise to handle the job with precision and care. From crown repairs to masonry and stonework, our certified bricklayers deliver exceptional results that not only enhance the beauty of your chimney but also ensure its longevity.


If you notice cracks or deterioration in the mortar holding your bricks together, our tuckpointing service is the solution. Tuckpointing, or repointing, is a process which restores the integrity of the masonry structure by replacing old, damaged mortar with new mortar.

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