We’re Certified Bricklayers Who Specialize In Masonry & Stone Work

If you’ve started to see popping brick, cracking and crumbling mortar, moss and vegetation growth, and other unpleasant and unsightly damage that can compromise the safety, integrity, and longevity of your chimney system, know you’re not in it alone! Those of us here at Northwest Fireplace and Chimney are certified bricklayers with years of masonry repair and restoration experience. We specialize in stone work and masonry work and can make sure you’re left with the most beautiful chimney imaginable. Whether your chimney needs to be extended or repaired, you can count on us to provide the best results possible. Our specialties include these services:

  • Tuckpointing – Tuckpointing or repointing is a process which restores the integrity of the masonry structure by replacing old damaged mortar with new mortar. For example, if the mortar which binds your brick together has started to develop holes and cracks or is otherwise deteriorating, we could simply replace it through the process of tuckpointing. Our team uses professional tools to cautiously remove damaged mortar without harming the surrounding brick, and carefully matches the new mortar in color and strength. Once we have the perfect mortar mix, we skillfully pack the new mortar in place and leave the chimney stronger and more beautiful than ever.
  • Bricklaying/Stone Work – Of course, not all masonry damage is in the mortar itself. Brick and stone, although durable, can also crack and crumble, and the facing may pop off and separate from the rest of the brick or stone. Additionally, water damage can lead to changes in color, vegetation growth, and other damage that simply can’t be repaired. In these situations, our certified bricklayers can replace the brick or stone with brick or stone that has been matched in both color and composition. Whether you want a traditional pattern or something unique, our team can do it. With Northwest Fireplace and Chimney on the job, you can expect expert results that are both beautiful and long-lasting.

Of course, we don’t solely specialize in repairs, we also rebuild chimneys and fireplaces from the ground up. If it has to do with masonry or stone work, you can count on us.

To request an appointment and experience top notch service with the team here at Northwest Fireplace and Chimney, call 219-413-2349 or fill out our online appointment request form!


Wondering whether a chimney or fireplace rebuild is in your future? Ask our chimney and masonry repair experts to talk with you about all the possibilities.



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