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Those of us here at Northwest Fireplace and Chimney are committed to keeping the masonry chimneys and fireplaces of our neighbors throughout Porter, LaPorte, and Lake counties in tip-top shape, year after year, by providing the best masonry repairs and stone work in the area. We’re certified bricklayers with years of experience, ready to take on jobs of all sizes and types. Whether you’re looking for a trusted professional to build the hearth you’ve only ever dreamed of or you simply need to have your existing masonry restored, we can help. Our chimney and masonry repair specialties include the following:

  • Crown Repair – Keeping your chimney crown in peak condition is one of the best things you can do to protect your chimney system against water and the damage it can do. Unfortunately, even when they’re well-constructed, crowns can crack and crumble over the years, especially in areas like ours that experience some pretty extreme temperatures paired with precipitation. But if your crown is damaged, we can help. We use industry-specific products and techniques to deliver exceptional results and exceptional protection against future damage.
  • Masonry & Stone Work – Just as our chimney crowns can see major damage due to moisture and extreme temperatures, the brick, stone, and mortar of our chimneys and hearths can also see damage over time. Whether you need to have your brick, stone or mortar replaced, you can trust Northwest Fireplace and Chimney to get the job done quickly and effectively. We guarantee professional results that look great and last year after year.
  • Chimney & Fireplace Rebuild – Is it time for a rebuild? Whether your chimney and fireplace are beyond repair or you’re simply ready for a whole new look and style, the professional bricklayers here at Northwest Fireplace and Chimney are here to help. We specialize in an array of bricklaying and stone work techniques and patterns and can leave you with a fireplace and chimney that you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Trust Your Work To The Professionals!

When it comes to the masonry and stone work of your chimney and fireplace, trust the experts. A bad masonry job can leave you with an unusable, unsafe, and unattractive fireplace and chimney and have you spending even more money to fix it. Don’t waste your hard-earned money and time – call on Northwest Fireplace and Chimney at 219-413-2349 or request an appointment online today!


Here at Northwest Fireplace and Chimney, we want to be sure you know the importance of regular dryer vent cleaning in keeping your family safe from unwanted and damaging home fires, Ask us for more information today.

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