So you just bought a home in Valparaiso, Indiana, and the chimney doesn’t look all that great. Maybe you’ve owned a home in the area for a while, but this year, the masonry took on more damage. It may be time to make some masonry repairs. After years of neglect or a brutal winter, your masonry may need something more drastic such as a rebuild.

If you suspect your masonry is in need of a repair or a rebuild, we can help. At Northwest Fireplace and Chimney, we repair masonry throughout the summer so our customers can use their fireplaces this winter. Call today and you can get on the schedule for a chimney inspection and repairs before burn season begins.

Chimney Experts in Valparaiso

man laying down bricksHomeowners in Valparaiso and the surrounding area have the benefit of Octavio De La Vega and the rest of the Northwest Fireplace and Chimney team for diagnostics and repairs in a timely and professional manner. Scheduling an inspection with our professionals means the chimney will be thoroughly checked over inside and out.

The hidden portions of your system will even get a thorough inspection, and your chimney sweep will also provide you with a detailed report of the findings. We never recommend repairs that are unnecessary. Our goal is a safe and efficient chimney and fireplace system for all of our customers. That is why we offer these masonry services to our friends and neighbors in Valparaiso and beyond.

  • Crown Repairs – Your chimney crown takes on damage daily whether the fire burns or not. The sunlight, moisture, fluctuating temperatures, and even animal can damage a well-made crown. Our team repair minor damage and reshape crown with industrial products and techniques to restore it. If it is too badly damaged, we can construct a custom crown with appropriate materials that will work well and last many years.
  • Masonry and Stonework – We have trained and experienced masons, and we have all types of stone, designs, and chimney sizes. No matter what repairs or replacements you need, we can handle it. We are experienced masons trained in tuckpointing, bricklaying, and stonework techniques that will strengthen your structure while repairing the masonry.
  • Masonry Rebuilds – Sometimes, the damage is too great and your fireplace needs a rebuild. We’ve dealt with rebuilds above the roof and those that affect the whole chimney. We also performed firebox rebuilds. No matter the damage, we can rebuild your masonry chimney or fireplace, restoring it back to full function and beauty again.

If you’re not sure what type of repair your masonry needs, schedule an inspection. Your chimney system needs annual inspection and cleaning in order to maintain safety and efficiency. Protect your home, family, and chimney system by calling Northwest Fireplace and Chimney at 219-413-2349 today!