Your masonry chimney is designed to last the lifetime of your house. When constructed correctly and maintained properly, it should withstand regular wear-and-tear without causing serious malfunction. However, an especially harsh winter or wet spring, combined with an improperly installed chimney cap or flashing can cause serious masonry damage. If your chimney sustains winter damage, it should be repaired as soon as possible. Winter damage can swiftly become extensive water damage after a wet spring or humid summer. If left unattended, your fireplace and chimney may not be ready for burning season in the fall.

Common Masonry Repairs

Repairing Chimney Masonry - Valparaiso IN - Northwest FireplaceAt Northwest Fireplace and Chimney we frequently make masonry repairs following burning season. Common masonry damage includes spalling bricks and mortar, leaky crown, and a stained and spalling firebox. Our technicians are experienced in masonry repairs and we proudly offer the following expert services:

  • Crown Repair—Over time, even a well constructed chimney crown can become damaged. Though it’s designed to dispel water over to the edges, it can become worn by wind and rain, causing water to pool instead of running off. The water can cause leaks which damages a masonry chimney from the inside out. Even a hairline crack in a chimney crown can cause enough water penetration to not only damage the interior chimney, but also worsen the damaged crown. At Northwest Fireplace and Chimney we use industry-specific products and techniques to deliver exceptional results and exceptional protection against future damage.
  • Masonry and Stone Work—It doesn’t have to be water and moisture that damages the masonry and stone of your chimney system. Over time, masonry is damaged by time and elements. Weather, animals, natural occurrences, and neglect can lead to masonry damage that should be addressed by a professional. Annual maintenance services are the only way to catch masonry problems before they lead to serious costs, damage, and safety risks. At a chimney inspection a chimney expert can catch masonry problems and correct them before it leads to extensive damage.
  • Chimney and Fireplace Rebuild—When a chimney system has been grossly neglected or experienced a catastrophic natural disaster, your chimney or fireplace may require a full rebuild. When your chimney or fireplace is so far past repairing, a rebuild is the most cost-effective option. An experienced technician is able to build a sound chimney and fireplace to suit your family and your home perfectly.

It’s our goal at Northwest Fireplace and Chimney to offer our customers the safest and most comfortable experience possible. All of our field technicians are experienced and trained in masonry repairs. We repair the problems, but we also prioritize prevention, so we offer a full menu of preventative maintenance services. To find out how we can repair your masonry damage before it becomes a dangerous problem, call Northwest at (219) 413-2349 today. Have your winter damage repaired now, and your chimney system will be ready for burn season in fall!