Most homeowners are about to close up their fireplace and chimney system for the season. Now is the perfect time to consider all the work you’ve been putting off this winter concerning your chimney. Our bricklayers at Northwest Fireplace and Chimney are experienced and equipped in masonry construction, repair, and rebuilding. We can service your chimney and fireplace, and we can keep it beautiful and functional too.

Signs You Need a Repair

damaged masonry chimneyMany problems that arise in your chimney system may go unnoticed for awhile, as it’s hard to see the hidden portion of it. When you start to see damage on your masonry, it’s important to call a professional right away. They can diagnose and repair your issues properly. Some of the visible signs of a deteriorating chimney are the following:

  • Cracks in brick and mortar
  • Popping bricks
  • Moss and vegetation growth on the masonry
  • Staining on the interior or exterior of the masonry
  • Unsightly damage on masonry or in the firebox.
  • Any signs of water damage

Winter Damage

After a long winter, masonry damage is quite common. Our customers may not notice a leak throughout the burn season. However, when the weather warms and families move outside, then you notice the damage. When you’re looking at your home to plan spring maintenance, make sure you take a look at your chimney! Winter temperatures and high levels of precipitation can lead to spalling masonry. Spalling is both unsightly and dangerous, if left unaddressed.

Masonry Repairs and Brickwork

At Northwest Fireplace and Chimney, we specialize in masonry and stonework. We can repair your masonry, no matter the stone type, size, and age. We can match the design and style of any chimney, and we can restore it to full function and beauty. Our technicians are experienced in tuckpointing. This tedious work requires the removal of all the affected mortar and bricks, and replacing it with new mortar of equal consistency, color, and strength. When our team is finished with your masonry work, you will be so happy!

Prevent Damage Year-Round

Masonry and stonework are easily affected by water and winter weather. Once a small amount of damage occurs, wet and stormy springs can wreak havoc on your whole system from the inside out. The best way to prevent extreme costs and ongoing hazards is to schedule routine maintenance with the professionals at Northwest Fireplace and Chimney. We inspect and clean chimneys year-round so that small damage is caught and addressed early. We can also waterproof your masonry so that it lasts for many years, despite the weather! Call our team at 219-413-2349 today!