It’s a New Year, and you should start it off right by taking care of your home maintenance. Don’t put your family at risk by neglecting these necessary home maintenance, especially your fireplace and chimney. Chimney inspections is an important yearly checkup to ensure your fireplace is safe and efficient. Winter is the best time to get your a chimney inspection–before serious problems occur.

Why Inspect Your Chimney

man climbing a step ladderThe Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) both emphasize that all chimneys need to be inspected regularly. When you get your chimney inspected by our professionals, they can catch all serious issues before they get worse. In the long run, inspections save you lots of money.

During an inspection, your chimney is assessed from top to bottom. The thoroughness also dependent on the type of inspections you have scheduled. We don’t want our customers to waste time and money on unnecessary services. We offer level one, two, and three chimney inspections.

  • Level One – This is the least thorough, but most common inspection. It is often included in a regularly chimney sweep and includes a checkup of all the readily accessible portions of your chimney. A level one inspection is the one a customer schedules annually, and when there are no changes or problems with the chimney system.
  • Level Two – When there are changes made to your chimney system, whether it’s installations, repairs, heavy storms, seismic activity, or fire, a level two inspection is recommended. It’s also required before the sale or transfer of property. A level two inspection includes everything in level one, and we also check the accessible portions through doorways and panels. It also includes a video scan of the interior of the system.
  • Level Three – A level three is required when a hazard is suspected. During a level three inspection, the technician will do what is necessary to reach the hazard. This might mean parts your system are removed to get access, including walls, masonry, crown, etc. Most often, a level three inspection means your need repairs to your chimney.

Call Northwest for All Your Chimney & Fireplace Needs

If you suspect a problem with your chimney system, and you haven’t had a chimney inspection in 12 months, call Northwest Fireplace & Chimney! Schedule us now, and your chimney will be ready and efficient all winter long. Call us today at 219-413-2349.