If you’ve scheduled your chimney inspection to finish out burn season and close out your chimney system for the year, you might be ready to schedule some necessary services as well. During a long winter, your chimney system, including your firebox and exterior masonry, can take in damage that is best repaired now, rather than later!

What is Masonry?

Masonry & Stonework - Valparaiso IN - Northwest Fireplace and ChimneyThe very thing that makes masonry ideal for chimneys also makes it susceptible to damage when not properly maintained. Masonry is made up of a variety of materials-all of which are adversely affected by water. Not only can the brick itself become damaged and flake, crack, or crumble away, but the mortar that holds the bricks in place can become damaged, weakened, and deteriorate (spalling). Spalling masonry and damaged brick and stone should be repaired before the chimney system takes on water. Before spring rain arrives, you should begin thinking about masonry repairs.

Common Masonry Damage

Masonry commonly becomes damaged over time due to neglect, winter damage, or just regular wear-and-tear. The most common masonry problem we see at Northwest Fireplace and Chimney is spalling masonry, due to months of weather and the freeze/thaw cycle. Indiana winters can be hard on our homes, and your masonry takes the brunt of the abuse.

Professional Bricklaying at Northwest Chimney

If you need masonry services, and you live in Northwestern Indiana, look no further than Northwest Chimney. Our technicians are certified bricklayers, experienced, and determined to keep every family in our service area safe.

Tuckpointing – We use professional tools and care to carefully remove and replace damaged mortar without harming the surrounding brick, match the mortar in color, strength, and consistency, and leave the chimney stronger and better-looking.

Masonry and Stonework – Whether your masonry issue is structural or cosmetic, our masons have you covered. We can replace damaged or stained brick and stone that is matched in both color and composition. We can follow a pattern of your choosing and leave you with a unique or traditional finished product in which you can be proud. If you don’t have damage, but you’re just looking for a new look in order to raise property value for refinance or sale, we can work with you on that as well. Our masons and chimney professionals can help you determine a design that will complement the rest of the house and neighborhood.

Are you ready to schedule masonry or stonework? Spring is a great time to get this work done when it’s warm enough to stop using your fireplace, but the spring showers haven’t begun yet. If you want to keep your masonry lasting and beautiful, consider scheduling waterproofing services while you’re at it. This simple service will not change the look of your masonry at all but will add a layer of protection between the weather and your masonry.

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