This season your fireplace can enhance all of your holiday festivities. The fireplace is traditionally the focal point of holiday gatherings—parties, dinners, and gift exchanges. Family photos are often taken in front of burn-a-cozy-safe-fire-with-your-family-valparaiso-in-soot-patrol-w800-h597the beautiful backdrop of a cozy fireplace, and families snuggle away the evenings in front of a crackling fire. It’s a time when the fireplace is a great asset. So, how do you maximize the benefits, and minimize the danger while your family visits for the holidays?

Decorate Safely

The biggest culprit for holiday fires is a too-dry Christmas tree. You should keep your tree watered so that it doesn’t dry into an extreme fire hazard. Also when placing your tree, put it in a secure and properly-sized stand across the room from the fireplace. Ideally the tree should be far enough from the fireplace that it doesn’t fall near the open flame if it tips over.

Just as you keep the tree away, you should keep decorations away from the fireplace opening and hearth. Any decorations that are placed on the hearth or mantel should be fastened securely so as not to fall into the flame and ignite.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Make sure that your fireplace and chimney are properly cleaned and in proper working condition. Call and schedule a a chimney sweep so that your hearth, firebox, and chimney are cleaned. A clean chimney means your family can enjoy a cozy fireplace without a stinky, smoky fire, and with less risk of fire. By scheduling your chimney inspection you can rest easy knowing that your chimney is not damaged or at risk of damage or leak.

Basic Fireplace Safety to Remember

  1. Use tools that are long-handled to avoid burns. You can find hearth tools at a local home improvement store. If you aren’t sure what you need, contact your trusted chimney professional for expert advice.
  2. Never leave the fire unattended. Put the fire out completely before going to bed or leaving the house. You can also close glass doors tightly because custom glass doors keep heat and fire out of your home.
  3. Control the flame with the damper or by use of custom glass doors.
  4. Avoid burning anything besides properly seasoned wood. Leaves and trash are too light and can rise up the chimney aflame, risking flue fire, and they can even fly out of the fireplace causing burns and injury.

You can enjoy your holiday fire this season with your family. Don’t let a safety hazard steal your joy this season. Burn a cozy, safe fire with your family with the help of you trusted chimney expert, Northwest Fireplace and Chimney, controlling soot in Northwest Indiana since 2010.