Many older homes have an open masonry fireplace or wood stove. They are beneficial for supplementing heat in the home, adding to the ambiance, and bringing up the property value. These are popular systems because wood is readily accessible in nearly every region in America. However, wood may not be the best option for you. When you decide to improve your efficiency and safety, you can convert your wood stove to gas.

Benefits of a Gas Stove

The Basics of Wood to Gas Conversions - Valparaiso IN - NW FireplaceGas is environmentally friendly. It’s not only the cleanest-burning fossil fuel but is affordable. Most gas stoves and fireplaces have convenient on/off switches, remote controls, and consistent temperatures that make using them a breeze. They release minimal soot, ash, no creosote, and require less frequent chimney sweeps. When you convert to gas you will have less hassle. No chopping, carrying, or lighting wood. No more wood chips and wood smoke to cramp your style.

The Problems with Gas Stoves

The only real drawback to a gas appliance occurs when it isn’t installed by a professional. Gas is so efficient that it needs to be installed with a correctly sized chimney or pipe that allows the stove to vent properly. The new products on the market use as much heat as possible to heat the room, allowing less heat up the chimney. If the flue walls don’t stay warm enough, condensation will coat the inside of the flue, leading to damage over time. The liner should be appropriately sized and made out of appropriate materials for gas appliances. Start this conversion process with a professional chimney sweep, and avoid any complications or drawbacks to your new gas stove.

Call a Professional

If you’re on the fence about a wood to gas conversion, call Northwest Fireplace and Chimney, and one of our experts can walk you through it. We can help you choose the right stove for your space. Our variety of models can match your personality, your home décor, and even your small or large space. There are gas stoves of every size and style, and they all offer the same benefits. Northwest Fireplace and Chimney can install your gas stove anywhere, protecting your walls and floor from high temperatures, maintain fire code standards, and continue to service your gas stove for the life of your home.

Northwest Fireplace and Chimney is the #1 choice for comprehensive chimney care in Valparaiso, Indiana, and we can provide excellent services year-round. If you call today, we can have your wood stove converted to gas before winter is over. Enjoy all the benefits of a gas stove before burn season is finished, and avoid extra maintenance, clean-up, and hassle for the rest of winter, and the rest of the time in your house.

Call Northwest Fireplace and Chimney today at 219-413-2349 and schedule your appointment to get your conversion started.