A licensed and certified chimney sweep has a job that is never quite finished, much like your chimney system, which also works year-round. During the fall and winter seasons, we take calls to install, repair, and perform preventative maintenance all throughout our service area of Porter, LaPorte, and Lake Counties in Indiana. However, during the spring and summer seasons, we are busy out in the field completing routine maintenance that keeps your chimney healthy year after year. We provide waterproofing service for your chimney as well. Waterproofing services protect your chimney system from devastating water damage, and we can do it now.

Why Waterproof

Chimney Waterproofing - Valparaiso IN - Northwest Fireplace and ChimneyYour chimney’s masonry is very susceptible to water damage like any other part of your home. The materials that make masonry the perfect material for chimneys also make it adversely affected by water. Water penetration can ruin a chimney from the inside out, causing:

  • Rusted parts and assemblies (damper, liner, and doors)
  • Deteriorated firebox assemblies (central heating system and lining system)
  • Rust, rot, mildew, and mold
  • Stains on the firebox, interior and exterior masonry, inside walls and ceilings
  • Shifted or collapsed structure

The damages to the chimney and your home caused by a chimney leak can reach further than just your chimney. You may experience a leak two bedrooms away, and it could still be caused by your chimney. A slow leak may cause serious damage and even affect the air quality in your home as bacteria grows in hidden spaces. Waterproofing your chimney now can prevent serious damage and costly repairs later.

Why Northwest Fireplace and Chimney

When you choose Northwest, Indiana’s #1 choice for comprehensive chimney care, you get the whole package, including waterproofing services. We provide services with the best products in the industry, including ChimneySaver. Waterproofing is a simple solution for the exterior masonry, which would be covered in a water-repellent to keep water from getting in but still allow vapors out.

This ChimneySaver product is one that we stand behind for its performance in testing, but it also stand against Indiana’s long and harsh winters. This water-based formula is a non-glossy product that doesn’t change the look of your masonry. It is 100% vapor-permeable and lasts 10 years! This means the vapors (including water vapors) that are inside the chimney can get out, but moisture cannot get in.

Year-Round Protection

Having your chimney’s masonry waterproofed this spring means protection during spring showers, summer storms, and winter to follow. A waterproofed chimney means no efflorescence or staining on the masonry, no mildew or fungus growth, no spalling, scaling, cracks, or holes caused from a winter freeze/thaw cycle, and this protection last 10 years! Whether you’re looking to prevent future leaks, or you suspect a chimney leak now, you can call Northwest Fireplace and Chimney. We can diagnose your chimney issues and have it waterproofed for added protection – call us today at 219-413-2349!