The young six-year-old wants his two front teeth for Christmas; all Mariah Carey wants is “youuuuu”, and what your chimney wants is a good sweeping and inspection. Don’t neglect your chimney system this season. Failing to maintain it properly can result in serious problems that can ruin your holidays before they even start. By scheduling a chimney sweep and inspection before the holidays, your chimney and fireplace system will be working efficiently and safely all through the season and all winter long.

Safe Holiday Chimneys

A holiday chimney sweeping and inspection - Valparaiso IN - Northwest fireplace and chimneyAccording to the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) agree that the safest and most efficient chimney systems are those that are cleaned regularly and inspected annually. In order to bring down the frequency of residential fires, we partner with these organizations and other fire safety professionals in our local and broader community to help raise awareness about preventable fires. Chimneys (and other heating units) are one of the leading causes of residential fires. These fires can be prevented by annually servicing the chimney system by scheduling your chimney sweep and inspection.

Happy Holidays

Scheduling a sweep and inspection for your chimney system is not only about safety, but also comfort. We want our customers, friends, and family in and around Porter, LaPorte, and Lake counties to be warmer and more comfortable than ever this Christmas season. You will not have to worry about odors when the fireplace is not in use or sooty smudges on your custom glass doors. The unsightly ash heaps tucked behind the logs will not be in your family photos this year. Make the most out of your hearth for the holidays and bring together the whole family for all the best traditions and festivities.

Sweeping the Chimney

When you schedule your chimney sweep, you can count on a professional touch from top to bottom. A standard chimney sweep is a mess-free solution to your stinky, inefficient chimney and fireplace system and helps it to work better, resulting in an easier-to-light fire and a beautiful, dancing flame.

When you schedule your chimney sweep with Northwest Fireplace & Chimney your technician will show up at the appointed time and with clear identification. We ask that our customers discontinue the use of the fireplace at least 24 hours before service and clear a space in front of the fireplace opening for our technician to work. When our team member arrives, he or she will use drop cloths to protect your flooring and furniture and contain the mess of ash and other materials with an industrial vacuuming system. Brushes and rods are used to clean away soot and creosote buildup from the interior parts and lining. Once the system is cleaned, your technician will assess the entire chimney, ensuring overall safety and function.

Inspecting the Chimney

Many homeowners don’t want to spend the money on an inspection AND a sweep, but most chimney professionals offer both services at once! Northwest Fireplace & Chimney, for instance, will complete a basic, level one inspection during a standard chimney sweep. Likewise, we also can the chimney every time we inspect it because the parts and surfaces have to be clean in order to be inspected. When Northwest inspects a chimney, nothing is missed. Our professionals, know exactly where to look to detect the most common chimney problems in any chimney, old or new, prefab or masonry. We offer CSIA inspections year-round to best serve our communities.

  • Level One – This inspection is included in a standard chimney sweep and is necessary annually no matter how little or how frequently you use your chimney system. It includes all the readily accessible portions of your chimney as well as visual inspection for safety.
  • Level Two – This inspection is required when changes are made to the system when a problem is suspected, when the property is sold or transferred, or when a natural disaster or occurrence has affected the system. It includes all that in a level one in addition to all accessible portions of the system reached by attic, basement, or crawlspace. This level of inspection also includes a video scan of the flue interior that comes with a full photo report for recommended repairs.
  • Level Three – The most serious inspection is only necessary when a serious hazard is detected. It usually requires minor demolition, special tools, and repairs afterward.

When your chimney is neglected, even slightly, the result will cost you. Either you’re paying for costly repairs and services later, or you experience a serious decline in property value later. Do yourself a favor now. Treat yourself to a chimney sweep and inspection this holiday season.

Whether you believe the Jolly Elf himself will slide down the chimney or you just like to gather with the family around a crackling fire with cocoa and cider, a chimney service now will help bring warmth and life to your festivities.

Not sure how to get started? Start with the experts.

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