Now is the perfect time of year for your fireplace to shine. Holiday festivities are made more festive with a fire; family gatherings are cozier with a crackling fireplace; and the merriment on Christmas morning is spectacular with a fireplace as a backdrop for those family photos! In all the hustle and bustle of the season, don’t let your fireplace fall under the weather, and risk an unhappy surprise on Christmas morning. Schedule a chimney sweep now, so that your chimney is clean for Santa on Christmas morning.

Like us here at Northwest Fireplace and Chimney, Santa wants every family to be safe and warm this Christmas. It’s our goal to help each household in Porter, LaPorte, and Lake counties have a clean and safe fireplace this Christmas, and for the rest of winter!

Why Schedule a Chimney Sweep?

Chimney Cleaning - Valparaiso IN - Northwest Fireplace and ChimneyA little soot, dust, and creosote won’t stop Santa on his big night, but it can obstruct airflow in the chimney, causing it not to work as well. When your chimney is less efficient, it’s at higher risk of fire. An inefficient chimney has a slow updraft, allowing sparks and hot gases to linger in the flue where there’s flammable creosote. Stay safe, schedule a chimney sweep now. You won’t mind the other benefits of having a clean chimney, including:

  • Burn less wood when the chimney is at its best.
    Homeowners with dirty chimney systems have to burn more wood to get to the desired heat because an inefficient chimney causes fuel to not burn completely. This makes it difficult to light and maintain a decent fire.
  • Avoid stinky odors and a smoky fire when you schedule a sweep.
    During a routine chimney sweep, Northwest Fireplace and Chimney will clean the system from top to bottom, including an assessment of the system and a no-mess guarantee.
  • Prevent damage when you schedule routine chimney sweeps.
    A clean, efficient fireplace and chimney system means less by-products produced into the flue and into the environment. Start by scheduling a chimney sweep now, and enjoy less maintenance overall. Chimney sweeps also prevent flue fires. How? Debris is removed from the hidden portions of the system and the chimney is more efficient.
  • Take advantage of the fireplace backdrop.
    Take photos in front of it. Use it as a focal point for Christmas decorations. When everyone is enjoying your fireplace, and paying attention to it, you don’t want their eyes drawn to ash buildup and dusty surfaces.

Don’t stop at the chimney sweep! You can schedule a necessary inspection, too. Every chimney needs to have a professional inspection every 12 months. The inspection and chimney sweep are the routine maintenance that keeps your fireplace working day after day.

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